Interior Decorator and Designer
Erin Krampitz

Design Philosophy

I find the most incredible joy in creating designs to fit my client's individual needs, personalities, and lifestyles.

Design is so much more than just tasteful decor. Design should create moments of delight for the people who encounter it. There is no rule as to what is delightful. Delight can come in different forms for different people, this is where empathy comes in, but most likely it is a mix of form, function and value that creates that often intangible emotional connection to a well designed thing. Design is having a vision to transform an ordinary space into something unique for each client and the passion to enjoy the process.

I believe everyone should be able to come home to a space they love. I believe your home is your sanctuary and it should be a reflection of you.

What People Say About Me

Samantha Smith

I am not much of a writer, so I hope I can convey into words my experience with Erin Krampitz and her team in a way that can describe what utter happiness and joy my husband and I are feeling after working with her. Our remodel journey was no easy feat for Erin and her team and was for sure the first of its kind for her as well as us. My husband's parents started the remodel in the house they have lived in for 25 years in January 2023. I have ALWAYS loved their home and said it out loud over the years and have had a hard time finding another house that sang to me like that home. This is the home my husband and his brother were raised in and was just beautiful inside and out. Located in a sweet small town outside of Houston, the trees, the lot, and the walls just spoke comfort, family, and small-town life to me. The in-laws decided about 5 weeks into the remodel, which was proposed to take 6 months, for my husband and I to purchase the home and take over the remodeling process. We did not hesitate and graciously accepted this once-in-a-lifetime offer. Now, WE were the client of Erin and her team, and this would come with its challenges, but most of all the best experience and foundation to build an amazing bond with Erin. My in-law's kind souls and their entrusting decision to have us own their family home and allow us to change it to fit our needs and lifestyle was truly an unimaginable gift, and I'm forever grateful for to them for the opportunity. Here is where Erin and her team shined! No matter the stress they felt from the change of hands, they found a way to make our asks come to life. A lot of major structural changes had started and been built out; walls moved, doors bricked up, countertops ordered, flooring laid, backsplash selected, amongst 3 bathroom full demos and build-outs. My husband and I decided to add some "slight changes" - plumbing and electrical are easy changes right?, THEY ARE NOT! But Erin said "No sweat, I got this. Let me do my thing!" We added some things that were originally not going to be done and I'm pretty certain through off the whole mojo of Erin and her team initially. They handled these changes with grace and ease in order to give life to my and my husband's style of our dream home. We are approaching two weeks till moving into our finished home, and I am elated every time I walk into this home. The painting, custom kitchen and laundry cabinets, custom wet bar, the woodwork of our fireplace mantle and wet bar shelving, and our transformation to our fireplace has my heart dancing in my chest every time I see it. I have no idea how Erin and her amazing team of contractors, craftsmen, and painters were literally able to reach into my mind and pull out my exact vision, but they did. We cannot explain in words the amount of love we have for the team and our sincere gratitude to their patience through the changes and additions. I think there are not enough worldly customs to show our gratitude and thanks for transforming this special home that means so much to my husband and I into a place were we will now raise our own family amongst the bone and foundation that helped build my husband into the Man he is today. Erin, Ellie, Jim and Team, Bill and team, and anyone else I have missed, 1 million THANK YOUS to each and every one of you for putting the sweat and skill into this home for our family! I would not only recommend Erin and her team, but I will promote, hustle, share, advocate and HIGHLY ADVISE the use of her for any remodeling, upgrading, or face-lifting one may think of doing to their home. Your home is your retreat, your paradise, you should love the space you are in and let it fill you with joy from the inside as it wraps its walls around you with warmth and comfort from the outside....this team can & WILL give you a DREAM COME TRUE!

Interior Expertise

My main purpose is to provide you with the best and suitable services tailored to fit you and your needs. With excellence, knowledge, experience, responsibility, communication, passion, loyalty and transparency I want to make you happy to be where you are. Whether it is your home or office, I want you to love to be there. But most of all, I want you to have fun and trust in me to make it perfect for you! Therefore, the end goal is to give my best services to my customers.

Work Process

Starting from scratch, I work closely with my clients to make their homes a dreamland. For that, a proper plan and process are followed. Creating designs and taking suggestions from customers is the first step. Moving on I start to execute them properly. I also work on unique ideas and concepts to come up with different ideas and design. Some clients like to be surprised and leave it all in my hands, others are more hands-on and like to be a part of the experience all of the way through. Either way is great and I love your input. We are in this together and it is your home/office and should be exactly what you want.

Guaranteed Work

I am passionate about interior designing/decorating. Each client who has worked with me has deeply understood this. This is the main reason I can say that presenting you the best work is my guarantee. I truly take pride in my work and I want you to absolutely love every aspect of it. If there is anything you don’t love, just let me know and we will come up with the perfect solution to make it right for you.