Interior Decorator and Designer
Erin Krampitz

I am an interior designer from Sealy. I strive to make your home look ravishing and eye-catching with my designs. I am really fond of experiencing new ideas and always keen to learn from both my experiences and my surroundings. I am the kind of explorer that is always looking for new opportunities and challenges to turn houses into cozy and peaceful homes.

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  • I had the honor of redesigning the front office at Sealy High School! 🖤💛 I think the best thing about all of this is the trust, love and support they have shown me. It feels so good to give back to my hometown. My husband and I are both Sealy High School Alumni, I’ve got a Senior this year and 4 more that will graduate from here so I think it’s really cool that I got the opportunity to do this! I also want to thank Ellie Haugen for all of her help! She’s truly amazing. And my incredible painters who always do a top notch job and always make me proud! 🥹 Coach Branch and my interior design class are just amazing and I look forward to seeing them every week! They have learned so much and have been doing incredible on their weekly challenges! I would also like to give a shout out to my brother for his bad ass graffiti on my art piece!🐅#erinkrampitzdesigns @nickatnight1013 @sealy_high_school @olivermegan97 @laura0zz @hadenwernecke @ellie_haugen @sealsjones
  • One of my favorite kitchen remodels I have done… and for the most deserving couple. ♥️ My amazing crew worked during a horrible storm with a tornado warning 🌪️ to complete this beauty. The results are incredible. ♥️ I wouldn’t be able to fulfill any of my visions if I didn’t have my team. I thank God for them everyday. God gives us all certain talents, what a blessing to be able to put them together with others to create beauty for others. ♥️ #erinkrampitzdesigns @felliciakulhanek
  • It’s a tough day for me. 😞 I have had this sweater since I started designing. It sits on my chair everyday and I wear it when sitting at my desk working on a design. (And sometimes out in public 🫣) it’s soft and cozy and makes me happy. Holes and all. I lost a pocket today. It had been dangling for a while and I knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. 😭 I debated about getting rid of it… but then thought about it really hard and I just can’t. It my favorite. It helps me think through things. ♥️ As dumb as this sounds, it’s true. 😂 #erinkrampitzdesigns
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  • My husband sent me this. I would say it’s one of the most beautiful articles I have ever read. ♥️ #erinkrampitzdesigns #marcrandolph #netflix #articles #inspiration #love #marriage #work #balance
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  • Thank you Nick @southernwindowdesigns for adding some final touches to this outstanding remodel! 🫶🏻 These roller shades are GORGEOUS 🖤 My clients are moving in slowly and things are finally starting to shape up! You will FREAK when you see the before and afters on this one! Stay tuned….. #erinkrampitzdesigns @sherylmoore2.0
  • Another Day… Another Remodel 😜 and during Winter Break I have extra help 😅 #erinkrampitzdesigns #remodel #letsdothedamnthing #kitchen #interior #design #homedesign #reconfigure #2023
what people say about me
Lisa Svoboda

I’m not sure where to even begin with this testimonial so I will keep it simple. Erin has a unique talent to transform your home into a special place. Your home will become the relaxing, cozy, organized space that you’ve always imagined. Her work will change the way you see and feel about your home in the most positive way. It will become the place you retreat to after a long, busy day. And most importantly a place for you and your family to gather comfortably. Erin has impeccable attention to detail. She will make the home “your’s” by using so much of what you already have! In fact, she only purchased a handful of small items as finishing touches for our home. Erin’s blend of talent and passion for what she does is evident in her work. She goes above and beyond to make dreams come true! She listens to your wishes and then delivers beyond what you could ever imagine!

Interior Expertise

My main purpose is to provide you with the best and suitable services tailored to fit you and your needs. With excellence, knowledge, experience, responsibility, communication, passion, loyalty and transparency I want to make you happy to be where you are. Whether it is your home or office, I want you to love to be there. But most of all, I want you to have fun and trust in me to make it perfect for you! Therefore, the end goal is to give my best services to my customers.

Work Process

Starting from scratch, I work closely with my clients to make their homes a dreamland. For that, a proper plan and process are followed. Creating designs and taking suggestions from customers is the first step. Moving on I start to execute them properly. I also work on unique ideas and concepts to come up with different ideas and design. Some clients like to be surprised and leave it all in my hands, others are more hands-on and like to be a part of the experience all of the way through. Either way is great and I love your input. We are in this together and it is your home/office and should be exactly what you want.

Guaranteed Work

I am passionate about interior designing/decorating. Each client who has worked with me has deeply understood this. This is the main reason I can say that presenting you the best work is my guarantee. I truly take pride in my work and I want you to absolutely love every aspect of it. If there is anything you don’t love, just let me know and we will come up with the perfect solution to make it perfect.